#SpeakerReveal: Community Builder & Leader

Our next speaker is no stranger to managing controversy and has used her strengths as a leader and community advocate to resolve and build relationships.


Olivia Nuamah is the Executive Director at Pride Toronto. When Black Lives Matter staged a protest at the 2016 Pride Parade, Pride Toronto was swept up in a storm of unexpected controversy. The organization desperately needed a new leader who could successfully rebuild the organization, manage community relations, and pull together a $4 million festival in just a few months. Fortunately, the 45-year-old Toronto native was ready for the challenge and like many great leaders before her, in the face of tension she chose to see opportunity.

Some describe her as a community builder, mother, artist and DJ; others as an accomplished executive leader, policy expert and social justice advocate. There is no debating that Olivia has built an impressive career working for the British government and as an executive director at two Toronto agencies. But beyond her unparalleled resume, the key to her success can be attributed to her authentic leadership style and fierce advocacy of ‘revealing who you really are to people.’


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