#SpeakerReveal: A Tool of Empowerment For Young Girls

Through her resilience and courage, our next speaker now uses her personal experience to bring awareness to the issue of human trafficking in Canada, and to support and empower other survivors.

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Markie Dell’s story is not one of a powerless victim, but of a brave and resilient survivor. She has endured more than most young women her age, having been trafficked at 19. Deliberately isolated from her home, family and friends, she was entrapped and exploited for four years before she was finally rescued.

Markie spent years coming to terms with her experience and now uses her story to bring light not only to the plight of human trafficking in Canada but the trauma and effects that survivors face even after they are rescued. After getting her degree in justice services, Markie's mission is to help other survivors of trafficking and be a tool of empowerment for young girls.


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