#SpeakerReveal: Believing Failures Are Key to Our Successes

Our next speaker believes that there are lessons to be learned in failure. In fact, she founded a community where people can share and embrace their failed experiences.


Introducing Marsha Druker, founder and director of FuckUp Nights Toronto. FuckUp Nights is a global speaker series and community that shares stories of professional failure to break down stigmas, and amplify the message that failure is healthy and essential to learning and growing. She first learned of FuckUp Nights while living and working in Tel Aviv as a Content Marketing Manager and upon her return to Toronto, knew she had to start its own chapter. Marsha brings a breathe of fresh air to the professional world by showing that there are lessons to be learned in failure. Her core belief: vulnerability makes us stronger, not weaker.

A passionate community builder, Marsha loves bringing people together to have genuine conversations about all sides of entrepreneurship, failure and mental health.

An experience you don’t want to miss.

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