The Downsview Woman

When you think of a well-known Toronto neighbourhood, Downsview may not be one of the first that comes to mind. Rooted in agricultural beginnings, it is one of the biggest neighbourhoods in Toronto and has evolved into a vibrant community, rich in identity. As a hub for notable events and music festivals held at Downsview Park, people have come together not only from all over the city, but across the province and country.  

But that’s not only what makes Downsview so remarkable. More than half who live there speak a language other than English or French. There’s a harmonious blend of people who have lived in Downsview for decades and newcomers who moved to the area. It has your tried-and-true grocery store and nail salon. You can always count on your late-night food joint to be open after a night out. Downsview represents what every Toronto neighbourhood embodies: a sense of familiarity and home.

Why celebrate the Downsview Woman?

Every person has a distinct story, yet we live seamlessly with each other, weaving our own stories together as one community. As different as a Downsview Woman can be from another, she shares commonalities that binds her with others – whether it be the people she comes across every day, the familiar places she goes, or what she considers home. They build on their story by being present and surrounding herself with what matters to her. We celebrate the Downsview woman because she represents every person. The Downsview Woman makes an impact each day, no matter how big or small.