Why attend the TEDxDownsviewWomen event?

If you’ve never attended a TEDx event before and want to get your feet wet, the TEDxDownsviewWomen event in November is one not to miss. Not sure what to expect? Every TEDx event is different. They can vary from theme to speakers to the location. As for TEDxDownsviewWomen, Here are some reasons why you definitely should attend:

1. The biggest TEDxWomen conference in Toronto

Join hundreds of other women for one of the most unique events in Toronto that will unleash new ideas, inspire and inform. Held at the Toronto Centre of the Arts, one of the biggest performance arts centres in the city, it will be a full day packed with moving talks, attention-grabbing performances, and meaningful conversations. What sets us apart as a TEDx event is our focus on the power of women and girls to be change-makers in their own communities.

2. Hear real experiences from women leaders within their fields

We are putting women first as we take cue from TED Women’s official theme this year, ‘Showing Up’. This isn’t your usual women empowerment event - far from it. We want you to hear stories and perspectives from women of different disciplines and backgrounds and how they showed up to overcome challenges and incite change.

Have you ever watched a TED talk that just moved you? Within 18 minutes or less, their words captivated you to feel, think, or react. TEDxDownsviewWomen’s goal is for you to walk away with an idea that you can use in your own life.

3. Better experienced in person

Did you know there have been over 100,000 TEDx talks given around the world? The official TED website only features a handful of the brilliant talks that take place. There are so many thought-provoking talks that are never broadcast but still leave a lasting imprint in those who are lucky enough to witness it. While you can easily spend hours watching inspiring talks online, what makes the event so unique is the overall experience. There are performances, activations, interesting discussions that take place over lunch and coffee breaks, and no two talks are ever the same.

4. Network, network, network

One of the best things of being part of a TEDxDownsviewWomen event is the opportunity to meet the speakers and other attendees. We leave ample time in between sessions, over lunch, and post-show reception for attendees to mingle and talk. Just as our speakers come from various industries and fields, so too are the attendees to the event. Everyone who attends are curious and ready to engage, so don’t be shy and introduce yourself.